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Path and Walkway Installation Services

When landscaping, path or walkway installation can be a great addition to the surrounding area. Having a quality transition from one area to the next is equally important as the design of each area. Not only do walkways get people from point A to point B, but they can create a certain atmosphere. The yard’s informal or formal feeling can be attributed to the paths or walkways. Valroc Development LTD. specializes in paths and walkways of a large variety, from simple gravel to decorative stamped concrete.

Path and Walkway Design

The function and feel of your walkway is going to be defined by the shapes and materials chosen in the initial design. There are two main purposes for backyard walkway installation. The first is the connection of areas within your yard. For example, your path or walkway can lead people from the patio to the garden, pool, or gazebo. The second purpose is to provide a path for easy viewing of the garden.

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The width and shape should depend on the amount of traffic that will use the path or walkway, and the style you’re looking to achieve. A front yard walkway will be used more frequently, and will greatly enhance the property’s curb appeal. For these reasons, we’d recommend a wide width with a linear shape for functionality. A garden path, for example, can be much more narrow and curved.

Path and Walkway Materials

The materials you choose for your walkway will drastically enhance the style. After our initial consultation, we’ll discuss the style you’re looking to achieve and can provide samples for each material. Below we’ve outlined some of the materials we commonly use.

Brick: The perfect compliment to a traditional style home. Brick paths or walkways give off a sense of age and refinement. The width, pattern, and shape can make it appear either formal or casual. Brick can also be combined with other materials such as concrete, cobblestone, natural stone, and works as great structural siding for asphalt.

Paver: A very versatile material for paths and walkways. They can be used to create very simple designs or elaborate ones. Pavers come in many shapes, colors, and textures and are often used to create picturesque patterns in selected areas. We lay a foundation of compacted soil and gravel so that cracks won’t be a problem in the future.

Gravel: Simple, natural, and affordable. Usually used for paths throughout gardens, gravel comes in many earthy colors.

Concrete: The most versatile material we use. Concrete paths and walkways don’t have to be boring and grey. Concrete can be straight or curved, has limitless color options, and can be stamped, saw-cut, or textured. Almost all styles can at least partially use concrete to enhance it. For more modern styles, often concrete is poured into large square shapes and spaced out geometrically. For traditional styles, it may be used with brick.

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