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Minimize your downtime – MAXIMIZE on safety, accessibility and operations

Valroc offers priority seasonal services such as snow removal and salting services to residential, commercial and industrial clients across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area.

Snow removal and salting service deliver:

  • Scheduled automatic call out services
  • Protection from liability claims – personal injury, motor vehicle accidents and water damage 
  • Make a statement that safety is your number one priority
  • Increased access to your location minimizing direct impact to the residents and/or business

Valroc goes beyond the call of duty

We offer competitive rates and an unparalleled level of care.

  • Our Weather Response Operators are available 24/7.
  • We have liability coverage up to $5,000,000.
  • Full lineup of snow removal and salting machinery.
  • We have our own private storage facility for our salting products.
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Snow Removal & Salting Services

Valroc Development Ltd. tackles salting and snow removal services with a comprehensive approach called “automatic call-out services”. We offer priority based contacts to clients whom are interested in protecting their properties against weather conditions where it relates to freezing, slippery and snow cover.

We offer:

  • Salt Trucks

  • Snow Plows

  • Dump Trucks
  • Large, Small and Mini Excavators
  • Individual Manual Response Team

Our Snow Plow, De-icing and Salting Pricing

  • Priority Services
  • Triggered Call-Outs
  • No Mobilization Fee
  • Monthly Billing
  • Contractual Agreement
  • 3 Hr. minimum

  • Priority 2
  • *No Trigger Call-Out
  • Mobilization Fee
  • Pay – Per Job
  • Contractual Agreement
  • 4 Hr. minimum

  • First availability
  • Urgent Call-Outs
  • Mobilization Fee
  • Pay – Before
  • No Contract
  • 4 Hr. minimum
Snow Plowing$145.00/hr $165.00/hr$195.00/hr
Salting Services (includes salt)$165.00/hr $185.00/hr$215.00/hr
Snow Blower$70.00/hr $90.00/hr$120.00/hr
Laborer / Shoveling – Salting$50.00/hr $70.00/hr$100.00/hr
Mobilization FeeWaived – No Fee $150.00 per move.$150.00 per move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my site be cleared before a certain time ? 2017-09-27T14:51:28-08:00

At Valroc Development Ltd. we take this seriously and strive to meet your needs. In rare cases, extreme weather can create conditions that may be outside of our control. This is why Valroc only offers automatic call out services because we prioritize our clients specific needs and take that into account when organizing our services. Our claim to fame when it comes to seasonal services is “under commit and over achieve” – don’t take on to many clients! What we can offer is the best in snow removal service with top of the line machinery that is unparalleled in the industry.

What is the term of your contract? 2017-10-10T12:19:10-08:00

Since BC’s weather is so unpredictable, we individualize each contract to our client’s specific needs. We operate on a seasonal basis which is normally dictated by the British Columbia weather conditions. In some cases, clients will want a specific range of dates which completely acceptable and a normal practice with the Valroc team. Generally, if the weather conditions continue past the agreed dates, we can schedule a contract review at the end of the contract and will extend services if required. Valroc is a very flexible service provider and understands that one year can be completely different from the next.

How close do you clean to my building? 2017-10-10T12:09:52-08:00

Every location / site has it’s own set of challenges, which we always take into consideration and will address this on our on-site visit and consultation. Our main goal is to maintain the safety and increase accessibility of every location with our snow and salting services. We generally stay approximately one metre away from structures and/or buildings. This reduces possible damages to any building and minimizes snow buildups which can have potential water hazards if stacked against the building. This isn’t to say that every location will be treated the same as the owner / property manager might have specific needs or concerns that will need to be addressed in a individual way.

Do you have a seasonal snowfall limit? 2017-10-10T12:26:19-08:00

No. Whether it snows ten times or fifty times, we will provide unlimited service for all snowfall as outlined in our contract.

The only limitation could result because of onsite limitations such as “storage of the snow” however, there are always options should this become an concern. At Valroc, we have our own Dump Trucks, Excavators, Skid Steers and machinery which could relocate snow / materials off site. Generally, “unless stated in the contract” this would constitute as an additional services / cost plus. Valroc always visits every site before signing any contacts, please feel free to bring these concerns to our attention and we will let you know about pricing.

What is the minimum snowfall amount before you provide service? 2017-10-10T12:42:16-08:00

Our contracts are designed around what we call “Triggers” this means that once your location meets the contracted requirements (which are dictated clearly in your contract terms and conditions) our weather response team is activated to perform the agreed site services. For example: In most contracts – 1″ of snow will trigger an automatic response. 

For On-call and emergency call-out services, we do not have minimum requirements for snow removal and/or salting services. If there’s snow, give us a call and we’ll remove it! However, we do charge a standard minimum of 4 hours, and may charge for equipment transportation depending on the contract or lack of. Give us a call today, and we will give you an accurate estimate for your snow removal or de-Icing needs.

What areas do you offer snow service? 2017-02-14T17:11:12-08:00

Our areas of service are as follows: Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, South Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Delta, White Rock, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, and Abbotsford

Do you work around the clock, and on holidays? 2017-10-10T14:03:18-08:00

The Valroc team is committed to offering a quality seasonal services. We will take every step to ensure that your site will be taken care of and in any weather condition. Our weather response team will work tirelessly to ensure all of our “automatic call-out” strata and commercial clients, have a safe property to walk and drive on.

We also provide on-call services, emergency response and will prioritize them in the order in which they called and completed the application requirements.

What will you do if there are cars in the street / parking lot when your snow removal crew comes around? 2017-02-14T17:10:20-08:00

Parked vehicles may limit the amount of snow we will be able to clear, but will not prevent us from successfully clearing a path. In the case of vehicles or obstructions, we will remove as much snow as possible from around the vehicle’s surrounding area so that it’s owners have safe access. We will make note of any property that wasn’t cleared of snow due to obstructions and are always available to return the next day once they’ve moved.

What should I consider when hiring a snow removal business? 2017-02-21T08:39:51-08:00

The first two things to consider should be your needs and your budget. Check to see if the business provides service to residential or commercial properties, depending on your needs. Once you have found somebody suitable for your job, ask if they also provide de-icing services as well. This is very important in making sure that your property is going to be safe for pedestrians and vehicles to travel on. Because of low visibility situations, it is also important to make sure the company has liability coverage in case of an accident.

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