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Valroc Development LTD. specializes in all types of excavation including site preparation. Whether you’re a home builder or a land developer, we have the experience and equipment to handle jobs of any scale. Our main priority is to clear all of the vegetation of the site, then complete any of the required digging to ensure a safe and secure site for development. Our welcoming administrative staff is ready to take your call.


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We’re an Excavation Contractor operating in the Lower Mainland for over 20 years. With a large fleet of heavy machinery, and an in-house team of professionals, residential, commercial, and industrial excavation contractor work is just one call away. Our services are carried out with professionalism and care to the surrounding area. A full administrative team is ready to answer your call, and walk you through our process.

Feel free to ask any questions you have, including:

  • Of all the excavation companies in Vancouver, what makes you the best?
  • What separates you from other excavation contractors in Surrey?
  • I am looking for residential excavation in Vancouver, can you give me a quote?
  • Do you provide road excavating in Langley?
  • What is your list of excavating services?

Experience and professionalism set us apart. We’ve reached a perfect BBB rating, and a great TrustedPros Score. Our excavation services include, but are not limited to:

Drainage Excavation

Drainage systems have a number of excavation requirements that may require large or mini excavators. We possess all sized excavators, and specialize in many drainage services in Surrey and Langley. Whether you’re installing a septic tank, or looking for extra yard drainage with a French Drain, our excavators and dump trucks will handle all the heavy lifting.

Site Preparation Contractor

From custom home builders to land developers, we’ve assisted many projects across the lower mainland as a site preparation contractor. We possess the equipment and professional experience to handle residential and commercial excavation jobs of any scale. We ensure a safe and secure site for development, every time.

You deserve an excavation contractor who will GET THE JOB DONE. Valroc Development Ltd. is an award winning contractor specializing in excavation work for over 20 years.
You have to see our Excavation pictures to believe it. Click here for excavation showcase.

Concrete Preparation Contractor

The foundation of any concrete project is vital in ensuring its long term value and durability. Valroc Development Ltd. is an experienced concrete preparation contractor that has won awards for concrete work in Surrey. That’s why we’re relied on for all types of concrete preparation work using excavators. Land developers and construction managers know that Valroc has the right machinery, personnel, and know-how to get the job done right every time.

Demolition Contractor

Whether you’re looking for heavy duty deconstruction projects or need concrete removal in the Lower mainland, Valroc Development Ltd. has you covered.  We provide commercial, industrial, and residential demolition services for all types of demolition. Some examples of our demolition contractor services include house demolition, home renovation demolition, remodeling, building demolition, job-site clearing, concrete recycling, concrete removal, concrete crushing, road removal, pool demolition, asphalt recycling and asphalt removal.

Construction Clean Up Contractor

We’re able to transport all types of materials around the jobsite or to disposal sites. With all sized excavators and bobcats, Valroc Development Ltd. can assist you in getting your construction site material from point A to point B in no time.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Contractor

We have mini and large excavators to accommodate excavation work in tight or wide open spaces. When building a custom home, undergoing a new renovation project, or building an addition to an office space, Valroc’s history of quality service in all areas of development set us apart.

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