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Asphalt Speed Bump Services

At Valroc, we believe safety comes first. That’s why we offer quality asphalt speed bump construction rates for anyone looking to control traffic speed in their area. Asphalt speed bumps are the most common type, as opposed to other paving methods. Asphalt speed bumps are quiet, effective and easily maintained. Also, since they are easily painted they are the safest alternative if you are looking to add lines of make them highly visible. Our friendly administrative staff is ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have, such as:

  • How much do asphalt speed bumps cost?
  • Can you provide speed humps?
  • Can you destroy speed bumps and repave new ones?
  • What are the pros and cons of concrete speed bumps?
  • Can you paint safety lines on our asphalt speed bumps?
  • Are you a licensed asphalt contractor in Surrey?
  • Can you provide asphalt speed bump installation in the Lower Mainland?
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Asphalt Speed Bump Uses

Speed bumps are generally utilized in parking lots or residential streets where speeds are about 15-25km per hour. Unlike rubber or plastic speed bumps, asphalt speed bumps are permanent and incredibly difficult to damage.

Asphalt speed bumps function as a speed reduction installations that control traffic and protect pedestrians. They are often used in complexes, asphalt apartment parking lots, commercial and industrial parking areas, and asphalt driveways.

Valroc Development LTD. is an experienced asphalt contractor that handles a large variety of residential and commercial asphalt work. We specialize in top quality speed bump design and installation. We also provide removal of existing asphalt speed bumps, as well as repair.

Asphalt Speed Bump Installation

Installing asphalt speed bumps is different than typical paving jobs. During paving, there is a subgrade, then base rock, then asphalt. Speed bumps, on the other hand, are installed on top of existing concrete or asphalt and bonded with tack oil.

During our initial consultation, we’ll outline the recommended dimensions, and you’ll decide what works best for you. Usually asphalt speed bumps are 7-10cm tall and 0.3 – 1m wide. They should be placed between curbs or islands to prevent people from driving around them.

Before getting started, our team cleans the area thoroughly using a blower and broom. We measure out the dimensions you’ve outlined, and mark them with chalk lines.

Next, we key a notch around the perimeter of the bump so that once installed, the speed bump will tie into the existing aggregate without getting displaced by traffic and plows.

Once the area is chalked and notched, we apply the inside of the chalked area with ss1 tack oil so the asphalt will stay in place for decades. As we apply the asphalt, a crew member shapes the bump and another distributes the asphalt with a rake. The loose asphalt is swept away from the area while a fourth member of the crew uses a vibrating plate to compact the asphalt while it’s still hot.

After giving the asphalt speed bump time to heal for 30 days, we come back to apply a sealcoat and paint any stripes you may have wanted. Each speed bump takes between half a ton to a ton of asphalt, depending on the condition of the aggregate it is applied to.

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Getting Your Asphalt Speed Bumps Started

Our administrative staff is available to take your call and discuss your project. As with all of our services, we provide a free detailed estimate after our initial consultation. We’ll send a trained professional to your site, assess your options, and give you as much or as little time as you’d like to move forward.

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We offer free consultations for asphalt speed bumps including a detailed estimate. With Valroc, you’re already in the driver’s seat.


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