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Concrete Foundation Construction and Footing Services

Are looking for a reputable concrete contractor? Our skills, experience and reliability can bring tremendous value to your concrete foundation construction.

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Concrete foundation construction and footing services are one of our specialties. The experts at Valroc Development LTD are experienced and reputable contractors in the Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley construction industry.

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More on our Concrete Foundation & Footing Installations

Does the “sub-base” material matter for concrete footings?

Absolutely! This is an integral part of the installation where investment of time, knowledge and correct materials pay off – BIG TIME. An experienced contractor will understand the importance of this step and we advise that you have a conversation with your contractor of choice to get informed.

Pro+ Tip: Make sure your contract includes each step and includes all the details such as application, materials and the stages of the construction process.

Concrete Footings – Not all are created equal

Footings are an integral part of a build’s foundation. In most applications we install rebar for reinforcement before pouring your concrete. The footings act as the support for the foundation and stops the foundation from settling and/or shifting.

Typically, we work with local municipalities and geotechnical specs to install footings which structurally adhere to code.

When the property doesn’t have an ideal base for the job, footings are especially important. Depending on the soil conditions, we assess the proper depth and width for the footings and figure out precisely where they are to be placed with a completely new sub-base.

The dimensions of the footings also depend on the varying size of each build and or load requirements. This is generally not a do-it-yourself job. The placement of footings is absolutely crucial in providing support for the entire foundation and the structure as a whole. We also install concrete footings for other types of smaller projects such as decks, walls, pergolas and gazebos.

Concrete Foundation Construction

The building foundation is a vital part of its safety and structure. The concrete foundation construction is of great overall importance. We ensure every step is executed meticulously, above CBPP standards, and well planned. It is absolutely imperative that the construction is done correctly from the settlement to the sub-grade to the final curing stages. Each phase of the concrete foundation construction has necessary requirements and components on which the whole project depends. The types of concrete foundation construction we provide are as follows:


In areas of the property where the ground is likely to freeze, T-shaped foundations are recommended. First, we determine where the frost line is. Then, we place a footing below it before adding the walls on top. The footing is wider than the wall, hence the name ‘t-shaped’ foundation. This way, extra support is given at the base. After the foundation has cured and the walls constructed, we pour the slab between the walls.

Slab on Grade

We use slab on grade in areas where the ground doesn’t freeze. This method is best for situations that require some drainage. First, we create a bed of crushed gravel that moisture can flow through freely. We then install a wire mesh in the concrete to reduce cracking.

Frost Protected

This method is only recommended with a heated structure. To accomplish it, we use two sheets of polystyrene insulation; one on the outside of the foundation wall, and the other rests on a gravel base. The insulation preserves heat from the structure in the ground underneath the footings. This heat prevents the ground temperature around the footings from freezing. As opposed to the T-shape foundation, we pour all the concrete at once using this method.

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