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Asphalt Parking Lot

Are you dealing with an outdated, stressed-out or broken-down parking lot?

Valroc has been helping customers like you improve the experience, increase the overall value, and help demonstrate that you’re invested and care about your location.

What we bring to the table

  • Quality materials = Increasing long term value
  • Highest standards – Skilled & Experienced Teams
  • Valroc stands behind installations with warranties
  • Well organized installation – reducing the impact to your businesses and/or residents

Valroc goes beyond the parking lot

  1. Complete excavation, demolition and site preparation
  2. We work with stata, commercial, light industrial, residential and municipalities.
  3. We install speed bumps, wheelchair ramps, security bollards, sidewalks, curbs, complete drainage systems, maintenance and repair services.
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More on our Asphalt Parking Lot Installation Services

Our Process

Looking for a team of professionals who design and install parking lot solutions around your needs? Our team of asphalt contractors take the time to deliver a positive experience and quality product that increases your investment.

Our Trusted Construction Process is designed for maximum value

  1. If your asphalt project requires an extensive overhaul, we will deliver the asphalt specifications and address any underlying issues which will be required.
  2. We offer a consultation to address the reasons why your current conditions have developed. This allows us also to understand your specific expectations and the project details and requirements.
  3. Our asphalt remediation services are customized with the ability to accomplish small to large scale projects with unmatched efficiency.

Guided by high standards and ethical principles

The demands for parking lots are different than that of a surface with fast moving traffic. The strain of fast moving vehicles starting and stopping require a different installation method to endure that kind of use. That’s why Valroc Development LTD. employs a team of in-house professionals who specifically engineer the parking lot design to demanding environments.

Quality goes a very long way and increase your initial investment.

  1. Our company offers industry equipment: excavators, dump trucks and heavy machinery.
  2. We grade your parking lot to the correct slope creating proper drainage solution.
  3. Installing solid foundation with quality materials gives your project longevity.
  4. We use an asphalt paving machinery to provide a consistent depth and smooth surface.
  5. The correct thickness are installed for your parking lot surface demands.
  6. In finishing, your project is compacted, cleaned and inspected by a senior member.

Pro+ Tip: We employ specialists that run our machines and make sure that compaction is perfect and the surface is ready. Too much compaction results in cracking and premature pavement failure.

Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

If you’re looking for maintenance or repair to your asphalt surface, you’ve come to the right asphalt contractor. We provide crack sealing, pothole filling, and complete resurfacing.

Ready to Start?

Our welcoming administrative staff is ready to take your call. Whether you’re looking for a completely new parking lot or to upgrade an existing one, we’ll provide the best course of action. As with all of our services, we’ll send a trained professional to visit you on site, assess the situation, and provide a free, detailed estimate outlining the schedule and budget.

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Let’s get started on your asphalt parking lot today!

We offer free consultations for asphalt parking lots including a detailed estimate. With Valroc, you’re already in the driver’s seat.


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