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Leave concrete removal and breakage to the professionals. VALROC Development Ltd. was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2015 for Concrete Work in Surrey. Call Valroc for your concrete removal project today!


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Concrete Removal and Breakage Services

Our team of concrete and demolition specialists are available to install any concrete structure you can imagine – but also tear them out! We possess a large fleet of demolition machinery that can handle a variety of breakage and concrete removal projects. Whether you’re looking to tear out a concrete pillar, staircase, or entire walls and buildings, we have the expertise and equipment to handle it. Our list of breakage and removal services are as follows:

Getting Started with
Concrete Removal

The Valroc administration team is ready to take your call.  After an initial conversation, our consultation team will come to your location and assess your site. This way we can spend time getting to know you, your specific concrete removal needs and provide insight on the job requirements. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about the concrete job such as:

  • What machinery do you use for concrete removal?
  • Do you use chemicals to break up concrete?
  • How much does it cost to remove a concrete slab?
  • Why are you considered the best concrete removal company?
  • Will the concrete contractors in Surrey have insurance?
  • What should be the weather conditions to remove concrete?
  • Do you install new concrete as well?

The Concrete Removal and Breakage Process

Before touching anything on site we make the right calls to utility companies to make sure there aren’t any gas or electrical lines within. We have strong relationships with the municipalities of BC, and will acquire the required permits if necessary depending on the region.

Concrete Breakage the Right Way

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Safety is our number one priority on the job. Concrete breakage can be hazardous because of the dust and sharp fragments, so the job must be handled by professionals. After making sure our team and anyone else on the job site is equipped with the proper safety equipment, we use plastic sheets to cover the concrete breakage area to protect the surrounding areas from debris. Then, we apply plywood sheets to protect any nearby windows or breakable objects.

For household concrete breakage projects, we use a 60 pound breaker or a heavy duty pneumatic breaker depending on the thickness of the concrete. For commercial and industrial projects we have access to heavy machinery that can handle concrete of any thickness.

Concrete Removal

With the right equipment to break up the concrete, we also provide a wide range of excavation services including concrete removal. The machinery we possess is as follows:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Large, Small and Mini Excavators
  • Skid Steer / Bobcat
  • Flatbed Material Trucks
  • Double Drum Roller
  • Adjustable Forks

We believe in ethical disposal and responsible removal of broken concrete. All of the concrete we remove is transported to a concrete recycling plant. Material is processed through crushers and screeners to produce a cost effective aggregate to be reused on job-sites. There are many benefits of recycling concrete rather than dumping it or taking it to a landfill:

  • Keeping concrete debris out of landfills protects our land.
  • Using recycled material as gravel reduces gravel mining needs.
  • Using recycled concrete as the base material for roadways reduces the pollution involved in transporting material on trucks.
  • Recycling one ton of cement saves approximately 1,360 gallons water each time

Where to Start with Your Concrete Removal Project

When you need concrete removal services our administrative staff is ready to take your call. We’ll have one of our trained professionals visit you on site and assess your situation. By having a straight forward conversation, we’ll outline a detailed estimate with the schedule and budget for the project free of charge. As always, we encourage you to compare our estimate with other contractors. Our budget and schedule will be broken down into terms you understand and you’ll know exactly why to move forward with Valroc.

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We offer free consultations for concrete breakage & removal including a detailed estimate. With Valroc, you’re already in the driver’s seat.


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