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We provide residential, commercial, and industrial concrete preparation services for Surrey and the Lower Mainland. With over 20 years experience, awards for concrete work, and a large fleet of machinery, we’re Greater Vancouver’s go-to for concrete preparation work. Our concrete preparation services include:

  • Driveway concrete preparation
  • Walkway concrete preparation
  • New development concrete preparation
  • Concrete slab site preparation
  • Patio concrete preparation

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Concrete Preparation and Flatwork Services

The end result of concrete work is largely dependant on the ground beneath it. That’s why it’s vital to have the right concrete professionals for the job. Valroc Development LTD. is an award winning concrete contractor in Surrey and the Greater Vancouver area. One of our in-house professionals will work with you directly to assess the site and find the best course of action. Give us a call today to discuss your next project. During our initial consultation, we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have such as:

  • What is your procedure for preparing ground for concrete slab?
  • What is the best sub base for concrete slab?
  • What type of gravel is best under concrete slab?
  • What machinery do you use for compacting soil for concrete slab?
  • Is there a method for compacting sand for concrete slab?
  • What best practices do you use for subgrade preparation for concrete slab?
  • How do you prepare your base for concrete slab?
  • What size excavator do you use to dig a basement?

Types of Concrete Preparation Services

We provide residential, commercial, and industrial demolition services for Surrey and the Lower Mainland. With over 20 years experience, awards for concrete work, and a large fleet of machinery, we’re Greater Vancouver’s go-to for concrete preparation work. Our concrete preparation services:

The Process of our Concrete Preparation Services

First, we start with job assessment. Different types of concrete work require different methods of ground preparation. The start of the preparation sequence includes removing surface vegetation and topsoil, excavating grade, surface prep and fill placement. Our thorough and well trained staff ensure that every step is completed the right way so that your concrete looks great and lasts long.

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Machinery for Concrete Preparation Services

Rammers: Also referred to as “jumping jacks,” these work by delivering high-impact forces at a rapid rate to the ground. We use rammers in trenches and smaller spaces. They are used for three types of compaction: vibration, kneading, and impact. The soils they are especially effective for are clay and silt.

Vibratory Plates: By spinning weights at a high speed, vibratory plates are able to deliver low amplitude and high frequency by transferring the force to a flat plate which travels across the ground. These are the most popular ground compactors, and are best suited for compacting granular soils.

Rolling Compactors: These are the best for asphalt applications and for compacting sand and clay. They provide a kneading action that is ideal for compacting trenches.

Rubber Tire Roller: For road building and large projects, we use a rubber tire roller to compact the soil. It uses 11 pneumatic tires on an extremely heavy frame. Compaction is achieved by kneading and exerting pressure on the soil.

Where to Start

Our welcoming administrative staff is ready to hear from you. After speaking with you directly, we’ll send one of our trained concrete preparation experts to visit you on-site and assess your site.

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