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The Valroc Family

“We treat every client, craftsperson, tradesman and stakeholder with the courtesy, dignity and respect they deserve when placing their trust in us to deliver their vision. We achieve this by maintaining a safe, collaborative and positive working environment where everyone prospers.” – Domenic Sorace, CEO & Founder

Construction Specialists

Valroc Development Ltd. is a dedicated team of construction specialists who bring expertise and passion to every project. For us, our work is our livelihood. We place our worth in the quality of function and aesthetics of every structure we build. We promote an environment where we can learn, grow, and prosper together. We love what we do, the professionals we work with, and the community we serve. Successful projects begin with the mutual trust of our clients and having the personnel to carry out our agreements safely, professionally, and with care.

  • Professional ethical services with quality outcomes

  • Efficient and organized construction processes with excellent communication

  • Detailed contracts with clear and measurable benchmarks

  • Current Occupational Health and Safety Program





The Valroc Path

To create strong ongoing relationships built on clarity, understanding, and trust. By sharing our knowledge and experience through a network of professionals, homeowners, businesses and the like, we become much more than a business – we create a legacy of quality workmanship on the foundation of community and creative minds together.
Treat every client, craftsperson, trade, and project stakeholder with the courtesy, dignity, and respect they deserve when placing their trust in us to deliver their vision. We achieve this by maintaining a safe, collaborative, and positive working environment so everyone benefits from working on our projects.
Communication is central to every successful outcome. Hiring us is an act of considerable trust; that we understand you and what your goals are and will satisfy your expectations. Our track record shows that we live up to every promise we make. We believe in honesty, integrity, and a straightforward approach to doing business. Our customer service management system ensures that we are accountable for everything we say and do from the moment we shake hands with a client, and that we deliver on every commitment we make from there.
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Bring your collaborative ideas to our welcoming administrative staff. We know you’re going to have some questions; that’s why we’re here. We will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. After our initial conversation, we’ll align you with the right professional to visit you on-site and further assess your situation.


Our customer relations management (CRM) system ensures on and off-site accountability. Ultimately, clear communication establishes the individual needs of the customer while our CRM is the vehicle to deliver it.

By keeping track of all forms of communication using modern technology made specifically for Valroc and it’s consumers, we’re able to achieve higher standards and improve our relationships.

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We choose to take the time to invest in our customers. The consulting team visits you at your location to assess the site, talk about your goals, and begin to form a plan of action.

After our on-site visit, you will receive a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work, warranties, and schedule of the project at no cost. Now that we understand your vision, we arrange a meeting at our office or visit you on-site to finalize the details.

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Every client is appointed a Project Manager (PM) to address their specific needs and collaborate with our in-house professionals and/or contracted sub-trades.

Your PM’s goal is to break down your plan of action in a way that is easy to understand, and ensures that it’s carried out successfully. By outlining checkpoints throughout the project, you’ll see exactly how the work coincides with our initial estimate. Projects that are on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations is what we’re known for.

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The Valroc family has been comprised of individuals who are committed to a value based business which is built on the foundation of ethics. Our in-house professionals possess leading characteristics, skills, and core fundamentals within their chosen trade.

By minimizing the need for sub-contracting, our projects reach a level of efficiency and quality unmatched. Outlined below is an overview of the departments we bring to the market.

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Our CEO and Founder, Domenic Sorace’s vision was to craft a sustainable business model that ensures we continue to build better. By looking within, we constantly strive to improve our abilities in every aspect of our relationships. The retention, training, and occupational safety of our employees rests on the shoulders of our Human Resources team.


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