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Valroc Development Ltd. provides a large range of renovation services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects including custom garages, building attachments, and internal work. Because we employ an in house design team, our creativity builds on your ideas seamlessly throughout the project. Leaving you in the driver’s seat, we offer top of the line renovation work unparalleled in the industry.


  • Dump Trucks

  • Large, Small and Mini Excavators

  • Skid Steer / Bobcat

  • Flatbed Material Trucks

  • Double Drum Roller

  • Adjustable Forks

  • Clean-up Buckets and General Duty Buckets

  • Material Handling Arms

  • Compactors

  • Hydraulic Thumbs

  • Noise Suppression Hammers

  • Utility Brooms


We are a reputable and trusted developer in BC’s large industry and are relied on for full project management/development as well as individual machine services. We pride ourselves on providing excellent production, professional operators and a commitment to safety that is second to none.

Land Development

Our professional excavation team specializes in converting natural land into construction-ready housing, commercial, or industrial sites.

Clearing Property

In order to build a new home or building, the existing area must be cleared first. We have the personnel and machinery for lot clearance, right of ways, and debris removal, as well as the ability to cut and grind through trees, stumps and rocks that are obstructing.


Grading refers to the ensuring of a level base or specified slope to complete a foundation or base for a project. It is also applied to land or garden improvements, or drainage projects.


Backfill is a combination of soil, stones and rocks that are used to replace the excavated soil from a hole. Compared to the original soil, it is better for water drainage. Generally, sod or grass is planted to blend with the areas around it.


We masterfully execute trenches for a variety of purposes including the laying of pipes or cables or installing drainage.


We dig and install underground utilities such as lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, traffic lights, street lights, drainage installation, water mains, and wastewater pipes.


We provide our excavation and machine services for the clearance of land where hardscape such as walls, walkways or fencing is to be installed. For more of our Hardscape Services, please visit our hardscape page.



Do you charge for estimates? 2017-02-21T08:39:53-08:00

Estimates are free! Our in house professionals see clients face to face on site, and provide free detailed estimates after a one-on-one consultation. We encourage you to get estimates from other contractors and come to us with any questions you may have about price comparisons. We are here to work with you – not pressure you.

How reliable are your services? 2017-02-21T08:39:53-08:00

With over 20 years experience, an A+ BBB rating, and a 5 out of 5 Trusted Pros TrustScore, you can count on us to deliver. We have a specialized customer service management system that ensures on and off-site accountability, and aim to build strong, lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Can you do demolition of interiors? 2017-01-20T19:27:33-08:00

Absolutely. We provide excavation and demolition services of all types.

What types of locations and projects do you work on? 2017-01-20T19:27:06-08:00

Valroc Development LTD is available for residential and commercial projects of all scales from demolition to land development, and operate in the following service areas:


  • Vancouver
  • West Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • New Westminster
  • Surrey
  • South Surrey
  • Langley
  • Coquitlam
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Delta
  • White Rock
  • Ladner
  • Tsawwassen
  • Pitt Meadows
  • Maple Ridge
  • Abbotsford
I want to build a road to my property, what is the proper procedure? 2017-01-20T19:25:17-08:00

Building a road requires a few steps. The first is to obtain permission from your regional authority. They may require consent from neighbours, traffic volume estimates, and an overview of the environment. When you are ready to take the next step, one of our experienced professionals can assess the site and consult with you. We will offer multiple courses of action, and provide a free detailed estimate based on your needs.

I need to install a septic system on my property. Who do I call to dig the hole? 2017-01-20T19:24:42-08:00

Valroc Development LTD is not only an experienced excavator, but a certified septic system installer as well. Without having to rely on multiple sub-contractors, we can handle the excavation and installation with seamless efficiency. If you are looking for excavation only, we are happy to offer our services for that specific job as well.

How long will the excavating process take on new home foundation? 2017-01-20T19:23:50-08:00

The amount of time varies greatly from project to project due to many factors such as elevation, scope of project, depth of hardpan, and construction activity. We provide a professional on-site assessment, consult with engineers and geotechs, and create a timeline based on our information. Weather may also be a factor, in which case you will be well informed of any changes to the schedule.

I want a foundation dug on a property I have just purchased. What do I do? 2017-01-20T19:23:11-08:00

Our administrative staff is ready to take your call. When you are ready to take the next step, one of our experienced professionals will assess your site and have a conversation with you. We aim to get to know you, what your goals are, and how we can help. We offer a free detailed estimate for every job. Remember; a successful project starts with successful planning.

Will your equipment fit between my property and my neighbours? 2017-01-20T19:22:36-08:00

We possess a large fleet of machinery, and select equipment that will fit the requirements of almost any job site. In particularly tight spaces, obstructions can be removed for better equipment access. This will be discussed in our initial consultation where we can recommend different plans of action that will best suit your needs, and minimize disruptions for you and your neighbours.

Who do I call before I dig? 2017-01-20T19:21:56-08:00

When digging, you run the risk of hitting buried cables, conduits and gas and / or pipelines. This is a serious safety hazard and placing a call to BC One Call is the best way to find out what hazards may be within your dig site. Valroc Development LTD works with lower mainland municipalities to verify that all underground services are checked off by the required authorities.

Please visit BC OneCall at or call 1-800-474-6886





Concrete Prep & Flatwork



Material Handling

The Valroc showcase gallery has excellent examples of our excavation team in action. We pride ourselves on the quality and long term value of every project.


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