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This week – we look into the most popular decorative concrete design ideas for you to consider. Concrete is an amazingly versatile aggregate creatively and remains the most durable, low maintenance driveway material. Why not make your driveway a work of art with these decorative concrete design ideas?

Concrete designs are one of the hot new styles for driveways. Coming from expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways, the attraction is continuing to grow when it comes to using concrete for decorating. Concrete no longer ordinary, grey and boring, it is now thought of as an attractive decorative component. (See our concrete driveway pictures for projects such as these).

Today’s homeowners, builders, and designers recognize the significance in using concrete in their designs and plans. Decorative concrete design ideas transform traditional gray concrete into warm maroon floors, expensive slate-looking surfaces, and weather-resistant drives.

The developments in concrete tools, concrete stains and dyes, and patterns make concrete the most versatile, durable and cost-effective material on the market.

Types of Decorative Concrete Driveways

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, categorised as textured or imprinted concrete, is concrete that replicates rocks such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even solid wood. Perfect for driveways, stamped concrete is the perfect outdoor paving choice.

Lately, stamped concrete has turned into a popular choice for homeowners since it offers several options as it pertains to concrete design and concrete colors. Another factor adding to its attractiveness is its price. The expense of stamped or imprinted concrete is often significantly less than the materials it is an alternative for.  Concrete is the perfect canvas for creating a cost-effective look-alike of more costly materials, without sacrificing its natural, traditional look.

Decorative Overlays

Want to entirely hide surface defects in an existing concrete driveway? Or transform a boring old driveway into something stunning? With today’s attractive overlays, you can give nearly every concrete surface, indoors or out, a full face-lift with a lower cost than removal and replacement. The only obstacle is choosing from the countless resurfacing products available and the diverse selection of decorative surface finishes possible. You will find multiple possibilities for reaching any look imaginable with a concrete overlay.

Coloured Concrete

For most admirers of decorative concrete, the best feature is that every installation is completely unique. Concrete can assume practically any form, design, style or texture. However the one characteristic that distinguishes decorative concrete is colour, whether used subtly to mix with nature or to boldly produce a dramatic design.

Unless you’re a purist and favor concrete in its plain-gray form, there is no reason not to boost it with color. The amount of different products for colouring concrete has never been better, and many manufacturers offer an intensive palette of colours to choose from for coloured concrete driveways. Its stunning result will be worth the investment. Inside the hands of any creative concrete contractor, these colouring mediums allow an endless selection of decorative results.

Concrete Resurfacing

There are numerous alternatives accessible for changing that dreary concrete porch, driveway, or floor into another, decorative, hued concrete surface.

Totally reemerging concrete with a polymer-changed overlay is one approach to overhaul the look, and you can browse a wide assortment of shading and example alternatives. In the event that your concrete is in great condition yet simply needs a facelift, you can likewise stain, stencil or imprint it to enhance the appearance.

Concrete driveway, mobile
Concrete driveway and basket ball court, mobile

Decorative concrete driveways are a great addition to your home. With all the styles to choose from, you’ll have the perfect concrete driveway to accompany your home and lifestyle.


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