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I am looking to accompany my home and neighbourhood with the right concrete style. How do I go about finding one that my family and I love?

I am looking to accompany my home and neighbourhood with the right concrete style. How do I go about finding one that my family and I love?

As concrete gains popularity in both indoor and outdoor architecture, there is no question why it is still the number one choice for classic pavement projects like sidewalks and driveways as well. Coming in a wide array of options, concrete style is visually astounding and will last for decades. Using today’s resurfacing methods, new concrete can rejuvenate or reinvent an existing driveway or walkway to make a strong visual statement. Follow our style guide for a better idea of what you’d like your concrete to look like.


Clean lines, plain geometric forms, and a minimalistic look.

With a strong emphasis on layout and visual design, Modern concrete style will perfectly accompany a contemporary styled home with style and elegance.

Colours & Finishes

Strong, neutral colours are suggested to achieve a contemporary look of formality. Whites and greys convey purity and cleanliness. When combined with warmer colours, such as tan and red, a refined statement of elegance is achieved.

Shapes & Elements

The beauty of geometry is highlighted through simple shapes in a stylish formation. Rectangle and square pieces of concrete can be arranged separately and combined with other materials such as gravel to add personality and achieve a very modern look.


Concrete style textures can be both simple and smooth, or eye catching and intricate. Concrete is a unique treatment that is moldable and versatile, enabling the most gorgeous design options imaginable. Choose from a large variety of exposed aggregates to make your project stand out, or go with a simple and attractive smooth finish with a high gloss option.


Antiquity and Rich Heritage.

A combined spectrum of design techniques tracing back to 16th Century Europe. It’s influences remind us of Spanish and Italian architecture. Old World styles are the perfect balance between formality and warmth.

Colours & Finishes

Old World colour palettes boast a deep warmth. Dark greens and blues accompanied by deep burgundies and murky browns make for a rustic and inviting space that will leave you feeling right at home as you pull into your driveway or take a stroll on your outdoor path.

Shapes & Elements

An Old World style would not be complete without proper use of stone-like patterns and traditional tiling techniques. With a number of options to choose from, your driveway or walkway can breathe the air of history like the streets of Gastown and the pathways of Venice – right at home.


For a further antique look, stains and finishes can give the concrete an aged, weathered texture. Concrete can be stamped to give it a naturalistic ‘fractured earth’ looking finish, or paved in a pan formation for a traditional European presence.


Beautiful natural looking ruggedness.

With textures and colour palettes inspired by nature, your project will provide a charming, inviting addition to your home.

Colours & Finishes

Rustic colour palettes feature greys and browns with very subtle undertones. Earth toned pastels are combined to achieve a worn vintage look that feels fresh and grounded.

Shapes & Elements

The Rustic style is completed by arranging stone-like pieces in conjunction with concrete to achieve a most natural and peaceful look. Usually, a number of irregular shapes and patterns make up for the entire surface, but larger organic elements can also be pieced together for an ultra clean looking, smooth rustic surface.


With the right Rustic textures such as stone and slate, your driveway or walkway will emphasize a creekside feel, rich with natural elements pleasing to the eye with maximum durability.


Exposed brick and a classic look.

Traditional homes with exposed brick and a classic looking exterior are perfectly accompanied by driveways and walkways with formal concrete and symmetrical line work. This modest look is often achieved with plain grey concrete or subtle textures of Yorkstone or Slate.

Colours & Finishes

The colour palettes of Traditional styles reach back long into our heritage. Striving for authenticity, colours generally of the brick red and grey-tone variety are chosen to best represent our rich architectural heritage creating a secure sense of ‘home’.

Shapes & Elements

The Traditional style uses repeating patterns and precise symmetry. Larger, square pieces can be used to achieve the classic driveway look, or a variation of smaller rectangular pieces arranged in traditional form for the perfect backyard or garden walkway.


Most Traditional driveways and sidewalks use exposed plain-grey cement as it looks in it’s purest form. Other textures like Yorkstone and Slate may be added to the project additionally, while providing a more visually pleasing aesthetic while preserving the traditional sensibility.

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Looking to Protect Your Investment?

We thought so! Download this comprehensive guide to hiring the right contractor.

Written by team Valroc. We are a dedicated team of construction specialists using our knowledge and expertise to build a stronger community. We promote an environment where we can learn, grow, and prosper together.


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